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Draconian Species HeadshotforFleshers

Open Species

If you plan on selling the Draconian you have made please keep it under $20/40 deltas
Do not sell/Trade/Giveaway If I had made you one myself

Draconian Species
These are your worst nightmare. They are known for there demonic Traits.

Shape and Form
Draconian's Are Built Like a Wolf/Jackal But that's not how they really are
There Front shoulder blades bend in closer to the spine allowing them to fit in smaller spaces
The back legs are longer then the Front legs. The spine arches not that bad but the are able to move in any ways possible. There tail is always 6ft long and it is ruffled at the top then smooths out as it continues then is grows smaller. There Facial Structure is different from any other there heads are flat and the snout curves. Their Mouth is a Soil Devourer at the end of the mouth it curves up above there eyes. They are about 7ft tall they keep there head up high. but usually in the stalk position.

They are Rather Uptight and only care about becoming stronger. They have a Trend for Eating Souls, usually they don't eat meat. They don't get a long with other animals but their own species, They pick on those who are stronger then they are and usually end up getting beat up.

They are seen around Small Cities or Large Cities hiding in the shadows. They have never been in the forest but if they are chased down they usually hide in the woods until they know there safe.

They have two sides on them one side is normal/calm But they have a Demonic side. They turn full black but a few markings don't disappear there back markings turn White and there body turns jet black the leg markings disappear. The tail markings stay but turn white there eyes turn white with red or orange pupils. there smile turns White and the tongue turns a red or black but the rare color is Red. After they have transformed into their second form they grow 2ft bigger to 9ft. Once they change back to normal they are back to 7ft. They are completely different when they are Demon's they run around causing problems all around. They hunt after human soul's even when normal. they usually don't leave a big mess behind but when they do someone else gets blamed for it. They are Tricksters and jokers They love to play games that end up with death and a meal for them. They are able to transform when they please. At night they crawl around on the street's but time after time they get shot or killed by someone. but they hunt in small group's they are sorta cannibal's they aren't afraid to eat their own kind's soul or body.

Example of Draconian's

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