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Sonny's Terms of Service! Empty Sonny's Terms of Service!

Post by Sonny on Thu Aug 23, 2012 12:02 am

Hey guys, I just wanted to make it clear what you can and cannot do with my art!


- You may resell it with your character, and add it on to the cost. As long as you have permission from me first, by asking through PM.

- I have the right to reject you if I have my reasons, do not argue if I refuse to do your commission.

- If you steal my art, or after I do a commission for you and you claim it as your own, I will report you.

Characters (Linearts):

- Do what you wish with them as long as it follows the artist's ToS, I just color them for fun. If I am aloud to sell them, then I do. I usually don't do linearts, mostly I do custom refs or something when I do characters.

Characters (Customs):

- If it is a character that I personally made and sold to you, or it is a complete custom to fit you, you must ASK ME before reselling. If you do not, I will take the character back which will disable you from selling or keeping it any longer.

- If I sold the character to you, and I state in the rules that it must come back to me if no longer wanted, this MUST be done. If not, I will take it back and not permit you to sell it of course.

- If the character is one I bought from another artist, follow their ToS unless I say that the character must be returned to me if not wanted. PM me if you want to resell, because the artist already permitted me.


- Custom rooms can be used as public chatland rooms WITH MY PERMISSION. If I see that one of my rooms is being used as a public room on a chatland without my permission, I will contact an admin to take it down.

- Premades are not aloud to be used as chatland rooms, sorry. Only rooms that you PM me about (customs), and I say it's fine to use on chatlands.

Anything else:

- Ask me! I don't mind getting PMs or E-mails about anything. I will answer your question to the best of my ability, if you aren't sure on what you can and cannot do.

I do not take Art Theft lightly, if I catch you I will report you.

Thanks for reading, keep this all in mind if you resell my art or characters.

Sonny's Terms of Service! Stonepix100x100_by_Xio
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